Makers and Creators

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

The Makers and Creators documentary series was a project we loved to produce as our relationship with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust saw us travel country-wide interviewing Churchill Fellows from all walks of life with amazing stories to tell of their overseas adventures and how it refined their craft.
The Brief
The Brief

The Winston Churchill Trust provides fellowships to passionate Australians, sending them overseas to further study their craft and bring back new insights to Australian industries.

The Trust tasked us with capturing the stories of their fellows- what lessons they learnt from the experience and how it shaped their career afterwards- to encourage more people to apply.

With each documentary, of which there are 13 in the making so far, we travel to the fellow’s workshop, film them working on a project, conduct a long-form interview and condense their story into a 5 minute video.



Pre-Production Planning 



Footage treatment

Sound design

We at Crux love nothing more than to talk to people about their passion- that's our passion!

Our conversational style of interviewing, plus our easygoing on set presence, has enabled Crux to engage with each fellow to produce a great video, whether it be easing some who are camera-shy or extrapolating a clear narrative from those who are eager to share it all.